Thursday, 25 May 2017

From Toronto To The World: Stanton DeFreitas

Stanton DeFreitas was born in a neighborhood in Toronto’s east end known as Scarborough. This neighborhood is not known to be particularly affluent or have all of the things tourists most want to visit on a trip to Toronto. What it did have, however, was an extremely diverse population that interacted with each other regularly. The diversity of culture that Stanton DeFreitas experienced was a key factor that shaped him as he grew into a young adult. He was pretty clearly the beneficiary of being raised in a neighborhood and a city which not only possessed diversity, but celebrated it and amplified it in a positive way.

Stanton DeFreitas has developed a philosophical view of the world which is the culmination of his experiences with different cultures and his appreciation of them. He firmly believes that individuals should work to see themselves as citizens of the world rather than allowing their birthplace to be limiting in any way. Stanton DeFreitas is interested in sharing his philosophy with the world. He has an aspiration to be an author or writer who discusses a range of topics relating to his philosophy and help people to deal with everyday problems. This is something he has become quite passionate about in the last few years and something which he is pushing forward with.